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Monday, January 30, 2012

Had a great day yesterday

Had a tea party yesterday and we watched Gone With The Wind it was great we laughed a lot especially at mammy and prissy loved them. I made finger sandwiches and had small mini cupcakes red velvet, carrot and vanilla plus mini banana muffins and macaroons. I only had 1 of each of the cupcakes very proud of myself because the old me would of went to town so I am focused and on point I will meet my goal so how was your weekend.

YOU GOT TO BELIEVE I am worth it, Believe I can do this, Believe I will SUCCEED say it loud and say it proud. YOU ARE WORTH IT

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ok AUNT FLO SCORE 1 at the scale

Well my monthly visitor won at the scale this week I ate good this week exercised and I gained 1.4 but mom lose 3.2 so yeah I am not worried I know this will be a better story next week. I did walk yesterday 2 times around at market commons which is 1.1 miles each time. I walked once today with mom and Howie I tried to feed the ducks but the damn seagulls kept hoarding in. So I look forward to a better week hopefully will be able to do my workout tape or walk some more. Tomorrow is my tea party I have gotten a bunch of mini cupcakes and stuff so not too bad will let you all know how it goes. Made a protein shake this morning for breakfast I used Jillian Michaels choc protein powder and put unsweetened soy milk with a whole banana and 2 tsp of peanut butter it was great I had that at 9:00 am and it is now 4 and still full so I am liking that I did have a small snack a 4pt pouch of ginger cookies so that is not bad happy with that. Good to have a quick breakfast and will have a good dinner tonight. So what is on your agenda for the week how do you plan to get busy this week and my question for today is does your weight and self image hinder your mood with your better half so you find that you just are not wanting to be intimate and how do you make them understand what you are feeling?

Lee Lee
YOU GOT TO BELIEVE I am worth it, Believe I can do this, Believe I will SUCCEED say it loud and say it proud. YOU ARE WORTH IT

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Today I enforced the rule NO EXCUSES!!!!

I was trying to do my workout tape this morning and my DVD player was not working so I had to get ready for work. So here at work I go out alot to get ice from the machine and the building I work in here at the hotel does not have an elevator its 2 flight of steps 13 stairs each flight one set of stairs on each side. So every time I go to get ice or bathroom I am going up one side down the other then back up the other side. So I figured where there is a will there is a way NO EXCUSES!!!!! So what was your no excuse day!!!!

YOU GOT TO BELIEVE I am worth it, Believe I can do this, Believe I will SUCCEED say it loud and say it proud. YOU ARE WORTH IT

Lee Lee 

Monday, January 23, 2012


Pushed hard this weekend I am so sore but I know in the end my hard work will payoff I was so proud of Sheka and I we really did not feel like going on Sunday at all and the old us would of surely said we will just do it next week but we did it again its the year of NO EXCUSES we not only did it but we pushed ourselves hard even though it would of been just as easy to take a easy workout. Sheka even ran on the treadmill YOU GO GIRL I know this is our year and we can use all the motivation and help why not join us in the YEAR OF NO EXCUSES movement lets create a team it may be someone needs to lose weight or someone just looking to get healthy so if you are looking for support lets create our team we can live anywhere and just connect online, email and so on are you with me here is our new and improved motto

YOU GOT TO BELIEVE I am worth it, Believe I can do this, Believe I will SUCCEED say it loud and say it proud. YOU ARE WORTH IT


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Great first week of Weight Watchers

So I have completed my first week of weight watchers and I did great I lost 5.4 lbs so excited and ladies I even ate Cheesecake this week. Just shows in moderation you can have just make sure to eat good the rest of the time and keep moving. Last weekend had great workouts and this weekend so far good I was sweating my but off last night added some new moves I did 25 squats and then 10 more with 5lb weights in each hand. I also went on Thursday to see Hannah from Biggest loser season 11 she looked AMAZING and was so nice and motivational. I looked at her and said that is me and it gave me proof again that with hard work and dedication I can too change and maybe I too can help to inspire someone who feels as if it will never happen. I know this weight battle is one we fight over and over but I have to only assume that one day I will exit that roller coaster and never ride again. So I am looking forward to a good week I would like at least a 2lb loss as I know they will not all be big and that is ok most important is that the scale moves in the right direction. I know as I exercise I will gain from muscle but that is healthy so I a good with that as well. So here is to a great week and remember as always: YOU GOT TO BELIEVE I am worth it, Believe I can do this, Believe I will SUCCEED say it loud and say it proud. YOU ARE WORTH IT

Here is what I have hung up on my fridge and pantry to remind me daily I will change the picture of me monthly.

Good Luck

Lee Lee 



Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pictures of what I am hanging on my Fridge to keep me inspired

Hope this helps if you would like a copy send me your email address and I will send it to you LeeLee

Going to see Biggest Loser Hannah From Season 11 Yeah

She is going to be at the Ocean Reef Thursday @6pm very excited her sister Olivia won but they both look amazing looking forward to hear about the key to her success and how she has maintained her Weight Loss. Here are some before and after shots
She looks amazing and I am  truly inspired by her and her sister as well as many others but again just remember the following say it over and over its our motto for 2012

YOU GOT TO BELIEVE I am worth it, Believe I can do this, Believe I will SUCCEED say it loud and say it proud. YOU ARE WORTH IT


Monday, January 16, 2012

sharing a great blog site a fellow weight watcher Poppy and her you tube postings http://changefrominsideout.tumblr.com/ http://youtu.be/G3eJOM0W-3g enjoy LeeLee and anyone wanting to join ww I go on Thursday nights 6:30 on 501 intersection 501 and robert grissom come down make that change join the year of NO EXCUSES and for more inspiration here is Jennifer Hudson's I GOT THIS SONG http://youtu.be/tXyY-RPhDjc I listen to this when on the treadmill and it pushes me 10 more minutes reminds me I GOT THIS WE GOT THIS LeeLee
Well this big girl has def gottin busy this weekend I spent about 1hr sat in the gym at my moms house spent a hellish 30 minutes on the treadmill and 25 min with a weight machine and free weights finished with the bike about 20 min then I thought man I think I am gonna die lol no seriously felt good and I earned activity points whooo Sunday went a little late but still got it in again 30 min of hell on the treadmill about 30 minutes with weight machine and free weights with my personal trainer hubby then 20 min on the bike agqin felt like I was gonna die lol but I know I am on the right path to success thanks to mom and Howie for use of the gym it helps till I can get a gym membership. I also got one of the biggest loser tapes if I cant get to a gym so I will succeed remember keep telling yourself I BELIEVE I AM WORTH IT I believe I CAN DO IT I BELIEVE IN ME. LeeLee

Friday, January 13, 2012

Official Weight Watchers Member 2012

Well I went last night and joined WW again and I love the new program and the leader she was wonderful reminds me of Paula Dean with her sense of humor great class. I think I am set up for success this time and as always its up to you to work the program YOU GOT TO BELIEVE believe I am worth it, Believe I can do this, Believe I will SUCCEED say it loud and say it proud. YOU ARE WORTH IT are you with me girls and guts this is the year we stop saying and talking and do. Official weigh in at WW-286.6 wow! 1st Goal-14lbs Next Goal-28lbs Ultimate Goal-175 Well spent last night when i got home reading the books and calculating all the points of my breakfast this morning, lunch and snacks. Breakfast was creamy microwave oatmeal with peanut butter-5pts Banana-0pts Snack Greek Yogurt Farge 0% with sugar free blackberry jam with 1/4 cup granola points-7pts feeling good satisfied for now so join me if you like follow along help me with my journey share your story Lisa

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Well started my workout

I started this past weekend with walking and on Mon worked out at Mom's gym it was nice 20 minutes on the treadmill and then some weights and 10 minutes on the eliptical so all good. Felt good to start hope to continue this year and meet my goals by Dec. Lisa J

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I follow Poppy on you tube she is very inspirational to me she follows Weight watchers and has had her struggles but is trying again will post her videos weekly as well or if that does not work here it is again http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fUTW6PrIsII&feature=colike Good Luck all Lisa

I am back and looking to be a Big girl getting very busy in 2012

Hello All,

 Sorry I have been gone it was a crazy 2011 but looking forward to a wonderful 2012. My goal for this year is to live the Simple life and have NO EXCUSES PERIOD. So we get started this weekend hopefully will have a daily post here and my other blog life's lessons so please follow along and take this journey with me want to hear from you and your story. Here is my current picture just taken tonight 1/4/12

Current Weight is 280 Goal Weight 175

Watched Biggest loser season 13 premier loved it and it motivates me Dulvett and I would have a love hate relationship but its what I need to keep my big butt on track.