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Friday, January 13, 2012

Official Weight Watchers Member 2012

Well I went last night and joined WW again and I love the new program and the leader she was wonderful reminds me of Paula Dean with her sense of humor great class. I think I am set up for success this time and as always its up to you to work the program YOU GOT TO BELIEVE believe I am worth it, Believe I can do this, Believe I will SUCCEED say it loud and say it proud. YOU ARE WORTH IT are you with me girls and guts this is the year we stop saying and talking and do. Official weigh in at WW-286.6 wow! 1st Goal-14lbs Next Goal-28lbs Ultimate Goal-175 Well spent last night when i got home reading the books and calculating all the points of my breakfast this morning, lunch and snacks. Breakfast was creamy microwave oatmeal with peanut butter-5pts Banana-0pts Snack Greek Yogurt Farge 0% with sugar free blackberry jam with 1/4 cup granola points-7pts feeling good satisfied for now so join me if you like follow along help me with my journey share your story Lisa


Amanda M. said...

Lisa. I really think you have all the strength and willpower in the world to do this. I've known you for going on 7 years now and you are truly a strong and awesome person. I'll support you through this 100%!!

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