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Monday, April 18, 2011

The everyday struggle

I had a good weekend overall worked all of it but it was not to bad. Food choices were OK I did have ice cream 2 days funny thing is I felt yucky after eating it the first day yet I went back on the second day for more. This is a struggle everyday between feel good and bad for you. I am not sure the exact answer to beating this addiction other then I can try to do right everyday  and if I fall off just start fresh the next day. It amazes me how many excuses we can conjure up as to why we did what we did but why cant we just put that energy into making the right choices. I hope I find my strength to conquer this battle I really want to just feel good and have it not be such a struggle of good and evil lol


Deborah said...

Hey Lisa,
I say dont look at it as as struggle.. but an acomplishment of how good your doing. Always try to stay with the positive and shy away from the negative because it will only create to you to be hard on yourself. Stay positive and you will see before you know it.. it will be your only way of thinking. It affects more than you know including how we eat.
Love Ya

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