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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Thought for today

Well my little monthly visitor is upon me so that may account for my ravishing need to eat the other day. Hate this time of the month always feel so bloated and ugggg cramps suck. Well how many years to the change lol start the countdown. Today was good overall its raining so probably wont get my walk in today but if not will pick it up again tomorrow. I am hoping to be able to join the gym soon as some extra motivation I think that will give me. Thanks to my Aunt Debbie who has already made her lifestyle change and is now helping me I really am thankful that she is helping me. I see how wonderful it worked for her and she reminded me this is not a diet but a lifestyle change and that is how you have to look at it. I know I am accountable for me and my actions and yes I will have slip ups and mistakes but they are learning steps and in the end will make my journey worth it..Well that's all for today.


Linda said...

You know I am behind you 100 percent and we can do this together. When you have some free time you can come over here to our gym the price is right. I have to stop buying ice cream and cookies as they say in Weight Watcher's red light foods. I am drinking a lot more water and eating more fruit this will be the year for both of us. Looking forward to our trip next month will be good to get away and spend sometime with my best friend we will keep each other on track

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