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Monday, April 11, 2011

Survived the weekend

Always a great thing when trying to make a lifestyle change. I fought off a mindless eating urge yesterday I kept feeling like I was starving and I knew I was not as I had just had lunch. I was very tempted went into Walmart to pick up hubby I was early so walked around for awhile. I was having that I need something and  kept looking at the Pretzel in Subway and then the kit Kat's and Reece's peanut butter cup both 2 for a 1.00 almost grabbed but said no I wont. I paid for my stuff that I had picked up went back to the car and remembered that I had a fiber one bar in the car so that is what I had. So yes I ate something but won the battle of the junk calling. Went to dinner last night had a fajita with steak and cheese peppers and onions grilled it was great and did not finish another goal to stop eating once full. Also breaking away from Sweet tea I ordered just water with lemon. I was good for the night never had dessert or once home no snacks. Feels good when you make the right choices and your body thanks you as well. Back to walking tonight hopefully can join the gym soon and pump it up I want to just feel healthy just feel me back before all the aches and pains and fat. I have not seen that person on 13 years so very excited to meet her again. Well those are the thoughts for now oh and had no Birthday Cake this weekend either thought that was good to. Well tell me leave a comment or send a message how do you fight the urge to just eat eat eat figure we can all help one another


primefan987 said...

You need to relieze that your body has used to eating the way you have been eating. Sounds especially like younlove or like your sugary foods. My suggestion is to always make sure you have certian foods with you. Ex nuts or a piece of fruit. The more you eat healthier foods in a consistant way your body will not want those other foods anymore. You need to know is it a real hunger or is it something you are craving. There is a difference. If it is a craving eat sweeter fruits thruout the day. If its hunger then you eat but eat slow and unprocessed foods whenevr possible. The bar is a great start. Dont beat youself up always lookn at the positive like when you thought about the candy. You decided not to have it. Thought process willn help alot but also always keepmin your mind your goal and ask yourself is this worth the set back? Hope ths helps. Looking foward to following you on your journey. Been there and know exactly how it is. Good for you!
Deborah Japper ( Your Aunt)

Deborah said...

I was signed in under my sons account above. Didnt relieze until I posted. LOL

whiterose953 said...

Thanks Debbie hopefully I am on the right path this time and with your help I know I can do it.

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