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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Amazing show Addicted to food very powerful

I finally got to see the first episode of Addicted to Food on the OWN network I am so touched and wanted to cry with them. We all have some sort of addiction and ways of handling our stress. Mine has always been food its been my friend comforted me made me happy at times also made me feel horrible others. Its crazy how it just takes over your mind. I am watching this show thinking yes that is me man how powerful it is a sickness one that can kill you just like a drug addiction if not treated. I would love to go to the center for the 42 days. I think when you are in the addiction things do not seem bad its like oh well I had that I will just start again but what we don't see is that happens way to much its always tomorrow next week we are slowly killing ourselves diabeties, hight blood pressure and so on why for what I cannot wait to see more of this show it had such a powerful effect on me. I am going to get back to weight watchers to start and boost my walking up I DO NOT WANT to die young like my dad did he was just 32 and he ate bad smoked cigaretts why did he not stop and get help why did he not love us enough to say hey I am having these problems let me get the help I need and not leave my kids. My memories of him are few I cant remember his laugh or voice. I often think what would of life been like if he was here it could of been worse maybe not mom did a great job with us and worked her butt off with no help. She taught me to be strong independent woman. I have thankfully lived longer then him but I am not a healthy person. I have high blood pressure back problems get shortness of breath sometimes from walking up the stairs and I am just 35. I want to be the healthy person and I know its in me. I really hate the struggle but I am working on it everyday its the old saying One day at a time is all you can do. I know this program will be a life changer for me it is raw and open I cannot say enough or put in words all the emotions I am feeling watching the people go through how I am feeling as well. This is an epidemic in our society one that we need to conquer people can do this and we need to help one another.

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