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Thursday, February 2, 2012

What are your plans for Superbowl

Walked around an area called Market commons today I walked it twice took me 45 min its 1.1 miles around the pond area so felt good did not want to get up today to do it but then I said to myself NO EXCUSES get you a** out of bed and get movin BIG GIRL so I went kissed hubby bye as he laid in bed. I was glad I went felt good when I was done worked up a sweat as it was almost 70 here in Myrtle Beach so good day for us. Looking forward to joining a gym soon so I can do more no matter what the weather so what are your plans for Super Bowl Weekend how do you plan to make it thorough and stay on track ? Which team are you rooting for I guess I would have to Say Giants as I hate NEW ENGLAND my team was the Cowboys 
 who went home early maybe next year 

YOU GOT TO BELIEVE I am worth it, Believe I can do this, Believe I will SUCCEED say it loud and say it proud. YOU ARE WORTH IT


Krista said...

boo to the cowboys :) my dad's a fan of them. im a giants girl whoop whoop! i know we are having a superbowl party on sunday at the house. For the boys I'm making either wings or pizza and then some chip dip, for myself I might share in some of the dip but have some healthier option like wheat thins and dip...maybe cream cheese and of course no soda or alcohol :) no matter. im getting dolled up in blue!

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