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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Buckled down and got results YEAH!!!!! Goodbye 280's

I have been struggling the last couple of weeks trying what I thought was my best with my diet but yet the scale was moving up ugggg I know I had to pay closer attention so I really tracked everything and cut out sugar in my hot tea made sure to get more veg and fresh fruit so when I got weighed yesterday it said???????????? 279.4 I lost 5.2 lbs for a total so far of 7.2lbs. I was pleased and see that you really do need to pay attention and do the basics no shortcuts. I have to get my schedule together for my exercise that is off right now with my work schedule MON-THU 8am-11pm and then one other day I work my reg 8hrs so I need to get that together but I will work harder at my diet for sure. So how was your week


YOU GOT TO BELIEVE I am worth it, Believe I can do this, Believe I will SUCCEED say it loud and say it proud. YOU ARE WORTH IT




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