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Friday, February 3, 2012

Joined a Gym Today

I joined Planet Fitness it will not be open until April but its gonna be assume they are going to be huge the treadmills have their  own flat screen tv's free personal trainers, circuit rooms and massage chairs and tanning cant wait all for 19.99 a month and can bring unlimited guests so my friend can go for free whoooo I signed hubby and me up so we can bring two guests. This is the same gym the biggest loser is using so I like what I have seen on there and I am so motivated and excited I will be able to get back into the gym I know I will see my results move along then on the regular keeping fingers crossed for my weigh in Tomorrow Morning wish me luck

YOU GOT TO BELIEVE I am worth it, Believe I can do this, Believe I will SUCCEED say it loud and say it proud. YOU ARE WORTH IT



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