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Monday, July 16, 2012

Still Motivated Still trying

I went up 4 lbs this week could be water retention and  aunt Flo made her visit so we will see I have been tracking and working out so I know that things will be good. I continue to stay motivated at this challenge. I can see myself at my goal weight of 175lbs. I keep trying to visualize the finish line and then onto maintaining which I feel is the ultimate challenge so what are your plans for success and how do you deal with setbacks and gains. In watching Extreme Makeover Weight loss Edition I saw her making excuses and not fighting to change. She did in the end lose over a 100lbs but I just thought if she did not waste the first 6 months she would of done a whole lot better for herself. It was still a lot to lose in a year but I just think with the support of Chris you could do so much more such a great opportunity!. It just makes me motivated to do more I always think when I feel like I can't do anymore I am at my end that Chris Powell is there telling me you can do it push through it you can So what is your motivational person I found a good quote by Michael Jordan


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