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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Birthday Weekend

So its my birthday weekend I have officially turned 35 so far weekend has been good. Went yesterday to Southport and Oak Island NC had lunch with my moms old friend and saw my brother and Nikki it was a nice visit. Had a grilled tuna sandwich for lunch did have some fries it was a small portion thankfully. Made a great dinner last night baked salmon with a maple glaze had it with brown rice with a little soy sauce and some steamed broccoli. Had a great salad with strawberry and a organic honey mustard dressing so all in all a great day yesterday.

Today- Have a hunger today not sure thinks its just me trying to drink more water to make it go away don't want to just eat to eat. Trying to figure out what it is I just ate lunch tomato basil soup and a lean pocket but still feel hungry but I am at work so it could be that sitting at the desk just want to snack. Going to dinner tonight with friends and family to Mexican will try to make smart choices.

Overall- I feel I am making better choices and feeling more committed then I have in awhile I know its just small goals at a time. One day at a time as they say


Deborah said...

Dont get hung up all on the calorie thing. I know you say what? Try to avoid anything fried or proccesed. Great choices so far. I was 35 when I started my lifestyle change notice I didnt say diet. Never say diet along with that word says restriction and deprive. Your right small changes turn into big ones. Never give up no matter what. I am right behind you every step of the way.
Dorry i forgot to Wish you a happy Birthday. Moving had me extremmly busy and havent been on the computer. No excuse butt just want to say again Happy Birthday!!!!!

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